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Application Software

               Application software is designed to perform useful general-purpose tasks. For example, an application program called Solitaire is a single program that lets you play a card game. Application software can be grouped as customized software or as application packages. Customized software is generally designed for a particular customer whereas application packages are "off the shelf" programmes designed for the general public. Common types of application software are:
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database Management System
  • Presentation Software
  • Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development

Device Drivers

               Virtually every hardware component located inside or connected externally to a computer requires associated software component to enable that hardware to communicate and function with the operating system, other applications and other hardware components of the computer. This software component is referred ti as driver software of that hardware component. Until you install the proper software derive for a hardware component that hardware component remains logically isolated from the rest of the components of the computer.

Booting the Computer

            The process of loading the operating system into the computer's main memory from the hard disk, floppy disk or CD is called booting. A programme known as the boot routine or bootstrap loader is in change of the booting process and this boot routine is stored permanently in the computer's electronic circuitry, typical in ROM. Another series of programmes which start up prior to the booting process are the diagnostic routines. These programs test the main memory, the CPU and other parts of the system to make sure that they are running properly.

System Start up Process

            When you switch on a computer it automatically loads a program called the Basic Input / Output System (BIOS). The BIOS is stored on a special chip on the computer's motherboard. As it runs, it performs a number of essential tests on the computer hardware. These tests are called Power On Self Test (POST).

Software Evaluation

              Software evaluation is the process of checking the software for suitability for the required function. the major steps involved in software evaluation are:
  • Identity clearly the problem or application for which the software is required.
  • Inspect the manual or instructions supplied with the software.
           - Is the manual clearly written? 
           - Does it explain the main functions of the software? 
           - Does it provide examples?
  • Input / Output Interfaces
             - Do the input and output of the software meet your requirements?
  • Test the system with your own data sets to see its performance.
  • Reliability
              - Is the system consistent? 
              - Does it give consistent answers to similar or the same problems?
  • User Friedliness
              - User interface is easy to use. 
              - Error message are clear. 
              - Time periods to wait between successive screens are acceptable.
  • Adaptability
              - To what extent the original problem be modified without affecting the functionality of the software.

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