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Using the Mouse

A mouse is a hand - held device that controls the movement of a pointer on your screen. You use your mouse to perfome tasks on your computer.

As you move the mouse, a mouse pointer moves on your screen. When you position the pointer over an object, you can press (click pr double click) the mouse button to perform different action on the object. The pointer usually appears as an arrow, but it can change shape. The following sections explain the other actions you can perform with your mouse.

Mouse Functions
  • Click - To select something on-screen., click the left button quickly and lightly - whatever you are pointing to when you click appears high lighted to show that it's selected.

  • Double-Click - To activate an object on-screen, click twice in rapid succession. Click - Click will manipulate the object usually resulting in the opening of a specific program.
  • Drag - To move or size an object on-screen, hold down the mouse button while you move the mouse across the mouse pad. Dragging moves the object to a new location. Dragging a border or frame changes the size of the object.
  • Right-Click - Displays special menus. When you right-click, you see a menu of commands related to the icon or area of the screen that you are pointing to.
  • Wheel Button - Some mice have a third button or wheel button. The Wheel Button allows you to scroll from screen to screen in a multiple screen document. It also allows you to move to a certain location in the document quickly by moving the mouse button, similar to dragging the navigation bar on a web page.

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