Main Types of Virus

Boot Virus

          Boot virus infects the boot sector of the hard disk and is activated every time the computer is switched on. Once infected, the computer may fail to start properly. Usually boot viruses spread from the boot sectors in floppy diskettes to the boot sector of the hard disk. When you start up the system with an infected diskette in the diskette drive, the virus transfers from the diskette to the boot sector of the hard disk. Once infected, the virus may remain in the main memory and infect other diskettes.

File Virus (Parasitic Virus)

         File viruses are virus programs attached to executable files. They become active every time the program is executed.

Macro Virus

         A macro is a collection of application specific instructions coded to automate some manual process such as formatting a word document. Macro Viruses are either complete macros or macro segments embedded as parts of legitimate macros. They may come straight from the software manufacturer's original disks. Once a computer is infected with a macro virus the following action may result.
  • Unusual messages
  • Unknown macros listed in macros list
  • Save data in unintended formats
  • Lost data


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